420 kicks off with Alpenglow 3/31/22

New flower from Alpenglow Farms

5 new high-quality craft sun-grown strains

Join us TODAY, April 1 as we kick off the start to 3-weeks of 420 celebrations. Craig from Alpenglow Farms will be in-store from 2 – 5 pm to help release our newest, exclusive flower!

Relying on decades of experience, Alpenglow Farms cultivates some of the absolute highest quality craft sun- grown cannabis, complete with rich aromatic profiles, the smoothest possible smoking experience, and vibrant and nuanced effects. Their flower is grown using carefully crafted closed loop systems and hugelkultur to sustainably build healthy living soils from the resources around them. We pride ourselves on an exclusive partnership with Alpenglow Farms and their flower, you can’t get this flower anywhere else. Check out the 5 newest strains to join our Alpenglow Farms lineup.

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Alpenglow Farms flower release