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The Solful Standard

The Solful Standard describes the care, consideration, and rigor we put into bringing the highest quality, most effective, and consistently amazing products to you. It’s the basis for creating a one-of-a-kind experience for the people we serve.
Muddy-Shoe Sourcing


Know your producer.  This idea has sent us up many windy roads in Northern California. Getting to know our local farmers and producers lets us witness firsthand the care, pride, thoughtfulness, art, and skill they put into their respective crafts. And it allows us to confidently stand behind every product we offer.


Would we share this with someone we love? We ask this question about every product we carry—and make sure the answer is “yes.” You won’t find artificial colors in our edibles or harmful chemicals in our cartridges. From topicals to tinctures, our exacting standards ensure all products at Solful pass our Love Test.

Solful Standard Just-For-You Experiences


At Solful, you get exactly what you need. We empower you with in-depth information about farms, ingredients, and dosing so you can take the reins. We carefully train our Health & Happiness Consultants to be your trusted guides through the world of cannabis. Together, we find the right products to help improve the way you live.


If you aren’t happy with your purchase, bring it back and we’ll make it right. Your exchange will be handled with exceptional care and attention, so that together we can fulfill our promise of providing you with the cannabis products that increase your health and happiness.

Solful Standard Happiness Guarantee
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4 years in a row