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Solful Health and Happiness Consultants are available to answer your questions.

At Solful we are committed to offering education to our community because there’s a lot to learn about cannabis. Cannabis is said to help with everything from sleep and stress to anxiety and pain, and has a myriad of other potential wellness benefits. But with so many applications, how do you know where to start if you’re new to cannabis?

If you want to learn about cannabis, are looking for product recommendations, or simply wondering if cannabis is right for you, our Health and Happiness Consultants would love to help.

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Consultations FAQ

What is a Solful consultation? Our phone consultations are 20-minute phone calls or in-store visits that allow you to work with a member of our team in a safe, secure, and responsibly distant manner.

Is there a consultation fee? Cannabis education is the heartbeat of what we do, and we love sharing knowledge with the community. There is no fee for, we simply want to make sure your cannabis questions are answered!

Are Health and Happiness Consultants nurses or doctors? Health and Happiness Consultants are not trained medical practitioners, they are individuals who have been through rigorous cannabis training and passionately believe in cannabis as a medicinal herb. The recommendations we share are based on personal experience, the experiences of our peers and customers, and clinical, observational, and anecdotal research data. We often recommend consulting your doctor before starting a cannabis regimen, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions. Your health and safety is our top priority.

Can I place an order during my consultation? Yes, Health and Happiness Consultants can help you place your order, and would be happy to.