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The Solful Field Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Cannabis

We created The Solful Field Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Cannabis so you can improve your health, increase your happiness, and lead a richer life. At Solful we...Read More



Marlon Reviews: Banana Bread by Esensia Farm

Banana Bread by Esensia Farms It’s nearly midnight and I have, admittedly, been smoking since I got off of work. Although this is a Saturday night, I really wanted to give...Read More



Cannabis Infused Olive Oil Orange Cake Recipe

OM Edibles Cannabis Infused Olive Oil The team at Solful loves the amazing cannabis infused olive oil, from OM Edibles, which we have in stock at Solful. We've used it...Read More



The Best Cannabis for Stress Relief

We've highlighted the best cannabis for stress relief by featuring some of our favorite stress relieving products that are in store right now. From the nearly instant onset of a...Read More



Swim Suit: A Cosmic Dance Party – April 21, 2018

LoveLightShine + Solful Present: Swim Suit a Cosmic Dance Party "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."   F....Read More



The Best Cannabis Products For Sleep

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The Best Sonoma County Cannabis Pairings

The Best Cannabis Pairings For Your Favorite Sonoma County Activities Sonoma County, California is a wonderful destination for locals and visitors alike. With the legalization of adult recreational marijuana, you...Read More



What Are Cannabinoids and How Do They Help Your Body?

What exactly are cannabinoids and how do they help your body?  Cannabinoids are compounds that keep our bodies in balance. Our bodies create them naturally, and the cannabis plant creates...Read More



Visit Our Sonoma County Dispensary to Find The Best Marijuana Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2018

Cupid left a big bouquet of fragrant flowers on the doorstep at our Sonoma County dispensary, in Sebastopol.  [caption id="attachment_822" align="aligncenter" width="800"] photo credits @quimrock @flowerpowertopicals @papaandbarkley[/caption]   We love...Read More